Friday, April 11, 2008

Who the hell was Guillem Agulló?!

If you write this name on Google Blog Search today, about five hundred results will show that something happens. I guess nobody knows who this guy was. Of course, the Spanish government will not say a word about it. He was killed by spanish radical nationalists fifteen years ago. Any democratic and human-rights-minded state would have made of him an icon, but this is not the case in Spain and it hardly is in Catalonia, where Spanish nationalism has also a certain presence.

Catalan media are not telling a word about it either. Radio and TV keep silent. But the truth remains the same: Guillem Agulló was killed 15 years ago by Spanish fascists who were never imprisoned. And unfortunately he was not the only one. More recently, Josep Maria Isanta was killed too. The media do not remember, but bloggers do. So, if you have a look at Vilaweb, to me the best digital from the Catalan Countries and and honourable exception, you will see many, many blogs with headlines such as "15 years withou Guillem Agulló" or "We don't forget, we don't forgive".

Spanish government can easily accuse 14-year-old Èric Bertran (more than 700.000 views on YouTube) of terrorism and take him to the National Audience, but extreme and real agressions seem to remain unpunished in Spain. Behind the smile of president Zapatero, democracy in Spain has important lacks in human rights.

I wish international journalism should focus on Spain some day. I wish people like John Pilger had a look at human rights in Spain. The world must know about it.

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