Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do you know what "gilipollas" and "imbécil" mean in Spanish?

Do you speak Spanish? Then you might know what "gilipollas" and "imbécil" mean. These are not very polite words. They can be usual in the street, among very close friends joking, or in a extreme situation when someone is very angry. But it is not so often that you can hear that on a public radio. If they talk about Catalan or Basque people or subjects, and if a Spanish radio is the case, that is not so strange.

Clicking here, you will be able to listen to a radio station quite famous in Catalonia because of what they say of Catalan people: COPE. Actually, the curt belongs to a Catalan radio station where it was commented. They begin speaking Catalan and somehow laughing at the attitude (unfortunately, many Catalans have adopted such resignated behaviour) and after a little introduction comes Mr. José Antonio Abellan (wikipedia), no more and no less than responsible for sports area of COPE.

He refers to the fact that Puigcercós (ERC, Catalan) and Urkullu (PNB, Basque) declared they do not want Spain to win the Euro 2008. They have their own selections, but Spain is always making it impossible for Catalan and Basque selections to join international competitions. Considering such attitude, it seems logical that Catalan and Basque feel no sympathy for the Spanish team, although many Catalans play in it.

These things happen everyday in Spain. A public radio supports these people saying "gilipollas" and "imbécil" and no one shuts down no microphone. Do you think Spain is a beautiful country?

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