Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A new cause in Facebook for Catalonia

Facebook is an everyday-growing social network. Members can search for friends and start virtual relations. It'l like a whole virtual life. I do not know how far it will go, how many members will support the net next year, for example. It has just been recently that people in the Catalan Countries have discovered this web. However, our aim at an own state has already found a space, a little spot in this expanding universe. Lluís Soler has created a cause. Causes are one of Facebook's most interesting things, and the expectation is high, so the Catalan Secessionist Cause for an own state has already near to 200 members. It's not much if we consider orher causes with thousands of members, but time will show how it grows and grows.

So, if you never heard of Facebook before, go ahead, log in and find your friends and causes. If a virtual parallel society is starting, we must see it as a chance to make a better world. In this better world, the Catalan Countries want an own state. Are you for it? Are you from a non-state nation too? Then join our cause. Tell all your friends.

The idea by Lluis Soler actually comes from a campaign that ran on catalan blogs on september 2006. The campaign proposed to use the same title (I also want an own state for the Catalan Countries) for all bloggers' postings to be published the week before september the 11th. The result was astonishing and several papers included the sentence. You can see a report by Vilaweb TV on this video. As a result, the Xarxa de Blocs Sobiranistes (pro-independence bloggers net) was born, a net for secessionist bloggers grouping now up to 550 people. On april 2007 another singular campaign was presented: estatpropi.cat shows the support for an own state on a Google Map (visit the english version of this web!). According to this, Lluis Soler has had the idea of notifying to all Facebook members the existence of this political aim.

Sooner or later (better sooner than later), Catalonia will be the next state in Europe. The best thing a blogger can do is to know the catalan version of the facts that are leading to it. Don't miss this democratic process to freedom. Sociologists should have a look at Catalonia right now, since very interesting things are happening here.


Lluís Soler said...


Thanks for the link to my post about facebook and congratulations for this new blog in english. Your blogger activity is amazing!

Here it is the link to the "Catalan Secessionist Cause for an own state":


Best regards,

Vicent Garcia i Llorens said...

My best congratulations to your initiative of publishing a blog in english.

I hope this will help the international community to understand a little bit better that another kind of nationalism is possible, with respect, as a defense versus another aggresive nationalism and absolutely opposite respect to the fascism of the 20th century.

I just repeat, my best congratulations.


Vicent Garcia

toniher said...

Nice to see you here as well ;)

Keep on blogging!