Friday, December 28, 2007

On flags and nations

Imagine your country. Imagine a political party, an important one in your nation. They are doing campaign for the eleccions. They talk about the nation. Suddenly, a flag appears. No wonder. It happens often. The problem is that due to an incredible mistake the colors of your flag are not the ones they should be. Or maybe some other element has been changed. Where are you reading this post from? The USA? Do you know how many stars and stripes the flag contains? What if Bush or Gore or any other else appears in front of a five-stripe flag? What if only a dozen stars are included? You might take it as a joke, because this is something really unlikely to happen. However, it has happened in Catalonia (by now, in Spain), where the party that represents spanish president Zapatero in Catalonia has used the catalan flag incorrectly on a campaign video. Catalonia has a four-red-stripe flag on a yellow background representing four blood red fingers from a dying man wounded. Everybody knows that in Catalonia like everybody knows the 4th of July in the USA. How come they make this mistake? I do'nt know, but there has not been any public apologize, the campaign video has not been retired. Furthermore, the incident has been used to deplore that some catalans give so much importance to things that are not worthy. PSC members (that is the name of the party in question) do not accept to be called spanish nationalists, but would you call that kind of attitude? Can you imagine president Zapatero showing a five-stripe spanish flag?

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