Monday, January 14, 2008

Facebook faces Catalan Countries

Everybody knows what Facebook is. Well, almost everybody does. Every day more and more people log in and make friends, share applications, causes, and so on. Facebook is to be the Internet event in 2008. This could be specially the case for the Catalan Countries. On December the 18th I wrote about a new cause in Facebook for the independence of the Catalan Countries. Not even a month has passed and catalan presence in the net has increased considerably.

The paradox is that we have to log in from a Network, that means we have to choose the country we write from. Obviously, we'd like to choose Catalonia or Catalan Countries, but we can't because this is not a programmed option. That is way some catalans say they write from Andorra, which may be true but most often is'nt. So if we have a close look at what catalans are doing in Facebook, a reality stands out: we aim at a Catalan network, an own network, independent from Spain. Is that possible? Does Facebook really need to only consign the internationally and legally recognized countries? Can our .cat domain help?

Let's see: the group "How many catalans are there in Facebook" has 1.377 members. The group "We want a Catalan Network" has 1.241 members. Not much; I know. But what do statistics show about the current evolution. Isn't it true that catalans are perpetrating a massive arrival at Facebook? And what are we doing when we are already inside? Consider this: in its first month, the catalan secessionist cause for an own state has reached more than 400 members. That's something, isn't it?

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Daniel García Peris said...

Hi Xavier,

Cause FACEBOOK EN CATALÀ! at Facebook has reached more than 1.000 members - 1.260 at moment of writing this comment - and it keeps adding up a 100 new members every day.

Here I speak about how this has gone and the catalan facebook boom that you comment on.


Daniel García Peris