Friday, February 15, 2008

55,8 pro independence in Catalonia

The Catalan Government has its own means to ask people about their political impressions. Every two or three months, a new issue of the Baròmetre d'opinió política lets us see the evolution of several lines. For instance, they ask people about the relationship Catalonia and Spain should have. They give four options:

1- a region in Spain
2- a comunitat autònoma (a special status with some souverainity, but in any case depending on the Spanish government; this is the up-to-date status)
3- a state in a federal Spain
4- an independent state

Since these issues exist, there is a clear and relatively fast evolution towards the third and the fourth options. According to the last data, published on February the 15th (today), 3,8 % think a comunitat autònoma is too much power of decision for Catalonia; they would prefer a more centralist government in Madrid. So, no need to bother about them.

Surprisingly enough, after a long time in which options 2 and 3 where running almost parallel, it's now that for the first time the amount of people wanting Spain to be a federal state of states is bigger than those who want to keep the current status (36.4 vs. 34,8). And I say "surprisingly enough" because only a year has passed since we accorded a new estatut (the legal text in which Spain gives to Catalonia a certain degree of power). So it seems that people are not satisfied with the current level of souverainity.

A much stronger position is reflected by those who want an independent state, those who would prefer to count as a state among others in Europe, without any kind of interference from Spain. They reach 19,4 %, the highest ever.

So if you join options number 3 and 4 the result is 55,8 % of the population want an own state, be it alone or in a federal state named Spain. The only problem is that nobody in Spain except for these Catalans do want to be federal. Someone will have to tell all these people...

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