Saturday, February 2, 2008

800 years ago, a king was born

Today, if you visit one of the most important sites in the Catalan Countries, the digital newspaper Vilaweb, you will see, at the right side of the screen, lots of blog posts referring to number 800. It has to do with a historical event: the birth of King James the First, who was to reconquer Valencia and Mallorca for the Catalan Nation. It is an important date, so journalist and blogger Vicent Partal, who is also the director of Vilaweb, proposed last monday that every catalan blog included on their posts a reproduction of the flag the King used and a part of the text that describes the facts he commited as a king.
This is a campaign that has its origin in what we call the Catosphere, a way to coordinate all the blogs for one unique purpose. New ideas for political expressions.

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