Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catalonia: a chance for Obama

War in Iraq and the political attitude towards it seems to be approaching Obama to Zapatero. Journalist Jim Hoagland has written an article about both politicians on The Washington Post. It can be read as an attempt to start better relations than the ones hold by Bush. They have the right, but Obama should not forget about Catalonia in his talks with Zapatero.
Actually, the real chance for Obama might be Catalonia much more than Zapatero. There might indeed be some understanding, but Obama's discourse about democracy suits better for Catalonia than Zapatero. Spain is still today judging people for injury against the king. Spain is today allowing 12 people to decide what a referendum in Catalonia had already stablished. Zapatero lied to Catalonia when he promised to accept the Estatut accorded by Catalan Parliament, which he did not. He modified the text in favour of Spain and against Catalan interests. But after all the text was approved and a terminus date was stablished to sign the way Catalan Government should be funded. The date expired last 9th august. Three months more were accorded and again unaccomplished. Meanwhile, Catalan workers and enterprises are suffering the strategy of a centralist policy.

Obama and Zapatero are free to talk, that is clear. But Obama should consider the role of Catalonia and our right to decide if we want to be a new state in Europe. Please, Obama, have a look at Catalonia before you make a mistake. Do not trust Zapatero. Things are not as easy as they seem.

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