Friday, November 7, 2008

Facebook: current ranking for Catalan causes and groups

A. Arts and Culture

1. Facebook en català (goal achieved): 29.582 members; position 14
2. Castells, Patrimoni de la Humanitat (Catalan human towers): 4.381 members; position 94

B. Education

1. Salvem els pronoms febles (let's save our pronouns): 5.473 members; position 49

C. Political campaigns

1. Una nació, una selecció - National teams for Catalonia: 13.100 members; position 38
2. Catalunya Network: 8.706 members; position 53

(Out of our ranking but next:) Catalan Secessionist Cause For an Own State: 2.342 members; position 167)

Groups (top ten)

1. Vull poder dir que sóc de Catalunya i no d'Espanya al Facebook (I want to be able to choose Catalonia and not Spain as Facebook Network) : 13.821 members
2. How many Catalans are in Facebook? Let's find out!: 11.497 members
3. I speak Catalan - Parlo català: 10.594 members
4. Follem en català (Let's fuck in Catalan): 6.712 members
5. Jo votaria SÍ a la independència de Catalunya (I would vote for an independent Catalonia): 3.551 members
6. Catalonia is not Spain: 3.022 members
7. We want a Catalan Network: 2.613 members
8. Deu mil catalans a Brussel·les per reivindicar el dret d'autodeterminació (10.000 Catalans will go to Brussels for our self-determination right): 2.585 members
9. Tour 2009: inundem Girona i Barcelona de senyeres (let's all show our national flag): 2.389 members
10. Seleccions Catalanes ja! (National Teams for Catalonia now!): 2.301 members

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Miquel Marzabal Galano said...

It is very important to summarize all initiatives to achieve independence. Well done!
There are some I didn't hear about.
There are so many..
I can't believe that the polls say that only 30% of the Catalan citizens would vote YES for independence.
I think it would be 60% what do you think?
The writer of